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Bit Slicer

Cheat and alter any video game by debugging, searching, and changing values such as your score, lives, ammunition, and much more.

This universal game trainer includes four main components:

For documentation and development, visit the project page and wiki on GitHub. Check out some user contributed video tutorials too!

Version macOS Date
1.7.11 10.11+ Oct. 17, 2021
1.7.9 10.10+ Sept. 22, 2018
1.7.8 10.8+ Feb. 7, 2017
1.6.2 10.6 (64-bit) Mar. 5, 2014
1.5.2 10.6 Feb. 3, 2012

Sky Checkers

A screen-shot of Sky Checker’s game-play

Knock off your enemies and be the last one standing in a multiplayer action-packed game!

Notable features include AIs, gamepad support, local and online play.

Older releases and source code can be found on GitHub.

System Date
macOS 10.11+ Nov. 27, 2020
Windows 10+ Nov. 27, 2020
iOS, tvOS 13+ Nov. 28, 2020
Snap Store (Ubuntu) July 20, 2022
Flathub (Linux) July 10, 2022


Write high quality commit messages with ease on macOS.

This commit editor features:

..and more.

This project thrives on contributors. Check it out on GitHub!

Version macOS Date
1.1 10.14.4+ Apr. 23, 2022
0.9.1 10.10+ Sept. 29, 2019